SleepImage is rooted in medical science, delivering clinicians accuracy on par with the gold standard, and patients simplicity on par with consumer devices in the comfort of their own bed.

We come to work driven by our mission to enable access to evidence-based information on health collected during sleep, with a vision to improve access to accurate sleep information at population level to create opportunity for healthier people and a safer world.  

Our journey started over 10 years ago and has today resulted in over 80 peer-reviewed publications, inclusion in the primary textbook on sleep medicine and an FDA-clearance allowing us to claim that the SleepImage output is comparable to output from the reference standard sleep test for sleep apnea diagnosis in children and adults.  

The journey will continue, guided by scientific discovery to help people sleep better to live better. 

Bogi Palsson, BA

Bogi Palsson has been involved in sleep medicine since 2004 thanks to an investment in Flaga hf, the company that created the Embla sleep diagnostic family of products and ran a group of hospital-based sleep centers in the United States. As the Chairman of the Board he guided the transformation of the company into what eventually became SleepImage.

Bogi graduated from the University of Iceland in 1987 with a degree in Business Administration and has since ran various businesses that were grown and sold. He served as Director on boards of other companies and trade associations, and has earned awards for marketing achievements and for building a workplace voted by a Union of Employees as “the best company to work for”.

“The SleepImage System has been developed with the vision of improving access to accurate sleep information for health and disease management. It enables evidence-based decisions of health collected during sleep, and contributes to healthier people and a safer world. The pursuit is relentless, the opportunity is humbling and the possibility to do well by doing good is what drives the pursuit”.

Solveig Magnusdottir, MD, MBA
Medical Affairs

Solveig Magnusdottir became interested in finding a simple and accurate sleep solution after she realized the high prevalence of sleep complaints and sleep disorders, while there was limited access to objective sleep measurements and lack of methods to evaluate sleep repeatedly over time.

Solveig graduated with a degree in medicine from University of Iceland 1994, followed by a degree in family medicine 2003 and a master’s degree in business and administration from University of Reykjavik 2007. She currently is enrolled in the Master program for Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford.

For the past years Solveig has been working on developing the SleepImage method that now has been published in multiple articles in scientific peer reviewed literature.

“Good sleep is a key to maintain physical and mental health. With high prevalence of sleep complaints and sleep disorders, access to clinically validated objective sleep-testing for patients and providers is fundamental to practice precision medicine. The SleepImage System is clinically validated, simple and low-cost solution for non-sleep trained physicians to implement into their practice and it is, easy for patients to use. It offers a solution to objectively evaluate, diagnose and track sleep health over time.”

Hugi Hilmisson, MA
Product Development & Research

Hugi Hilmisson focuses on developing novel methods for detecting and characterizing physiological conditions from data captured during sleep. These new methods should allow for improved outcomes, lower costs, and better access to healthcare.

Hugi is interested in developing software that maximizes utilization of commonly collected physiological signals during sleep, such as the electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram. He researches the efficacy analysis of methods and investigates the relationship between SleepImage System output (Cardiopulmonary Coupling, Cyclic Variation of Heart Rate, and more) and healthcare outcomes including CVD, CAD, and risk of fatality.

Hugi graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 with a Master’s degree in Economics. His sleep research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals and resulted in patents.

“Sleep disorders and sleep quality are a moving target and past methods have not allowed healthcare providers to properly characterize each patient’s condition. To improve outcomes, practitioners need accurate methods that are low cost and easy to implement. SleepImage offers repeated measurements for more accurate diagnosis and regular follow up to improve the health and well-being of the population.”

Roy Raymann, PhD
Scientific Affairs

Roy Raymann, PhD, is a leading applied sleep researcher who wants to help people with sleep complaints to achieve better sleep by accelerating sleep innovation.

His knowledge and experience in the field of sleep spans many domains, ranging from scientific to applied research, from medical to consumer applications, and from universities to the private sector, focusing on physiology, psychology and technology.

Roy holds a PhD in Life Sciences from Vrije University Amsterdam for his work at the Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences. His sleep research and post-doctoral work spans almost 25 years and encompasses multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, speaking events, peer reviews, and patents.

Roy has been serving research and executive roles for several companies and in multiple projects, including Philips, Apple, Sleepscore Labs, and the Consumer Technology Association.

“The SleepImage System combines essential features for a sleep measurement system. Its CardioPulmonary Coupling analysis is a legitimate peripheral nervous system measure of sleep, backed by many scientific papers. And using a ring as a measurement device ensures the comfort of the sleeper and allows for multiple nights recordings. SleepImage shows how sleep measurement looks like in the near future.”