SleepImage offers the convenience of a consumer wearable, using commonly understood functionality of mobile apps to make sleep testing easy for patients, without sacrificing the accuracy of the output for clinicians to diagnose & manage sleep apnea for their patients.



The SleepImage Mobile Application works efficiently. The data is uploaded to the cloud as soon as the patient wakes up, and becomes accessible on the portal for the physician’s use, instantly.

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Quick Guide Using SleepImage System

Here’s the step-by-step guide for you on how to use the SleepImage system.

Step 1

Provide the patient with the multi-night SleepImage recording device, fully charged and Patient ID that can be shared with the patient via email.

Step 2

If the patient is provided with a charging cable for multi-night studying, it is important to charge the recording device after each night of testing.

Step 3

The patient will use the link in the email received from the clinic to download the SleepImage mobile app for iOS or Android.

Step 4

The patient will enter the Patient ID from the email and their Date of Birth to connect their app to the clinic’s cloud-based account with SleepImage.

Step 5

The patient will pair their mobile device with the SleepImage recording device as instructed in the app (not in phone settings). Wear the device and turn on the recording in the SleepImage app when going to sleep – keep the phone within 15ft and connected to a power outlet to make sure that the phone will not run out of battery during the sleep study.

Step 6

After waking up at the end of the sleep period, the patient will stop the study in the app and keep it open to confirm that the sleep data has been uploaded to the SleepImage cloud. Keep the mobile app installed on the phone until the clinic has confirmed that they have received the data required from the sleep test.


Follow the below tutorials to get a comprehensive understanding of how to use the SleepImage system.
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Email from clinic

Email has a link to download the SleepImage mobile app and your Patient ID, used to connect your app to your clinic’s account.

Download and Setup

Download, set up, and accept all permissions required for the app.


If you have been instructed to record your sleep over multiple nights, make sure to recharge the device after each night, using the provided USB cable.

Pair & Wear

Pear the recording device with your mobile app as instructed and wear the recording device during your sleep test on your left hand, preferably on your thumb (if using ring) or your index finger (if using fingertip device). Other fingers may be used if needed for better fit.

Buttons in App

Press the green button to start recording your sleep and the red button to stop recording your sleep. Make sure to only stop the recording once you are ready to end your sleep period, do not stop the recording if you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

Upload sleep data

Wait to see a confirmation in the app that your sleep data has automatically uploaded after you stop the recording at the end of your sleep test.

Tutorial Videos

Follow the below tutorials to get a comprehensive understanding of how to use the SleepImage system.
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Low Oxygen Alert

Because we want the physicians to get a 360-degree view of their patient’s sleep health we have created a 6-channel testing system that also allows the SleepImage ring to transmit data about the patient’s respiratory health.
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Personalized Device

The SleepImage has come up with a personalized device that allows physicians to perform focus on an individual’s patient’s data one record at a time. It allows for 3 tests in 7 days and eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth shipments
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Easy Access

The SleepImage cloud-based storage system allows physicians to access patient data whenever they need it. The mobile application has been developed to upload patient data to the cloud within minutes of completing the test.

Enjoy Peaceful and Healthy Sleep

Sleep is important to overall health & wellbeing. Sleep issues, including sleep disorders impact a significant portion of the population which can cause health issues and reduce quality of life. It is important to get the best sleep possible, and the first step to knowing whether you need to make lifestyle changes or seek treatment for a sleep disorder is to get your sleep tested.
SleepImage is a sleep test that measures your quality of sleep and whether you have a sleep disorder that can be diagnosed by your physician to determine whether and what treatment intervention may best help you.
Ask your physician about getting tested with the SleepImage test, the only sleep test that has the convenience of a consumer wearable and the accuracy of the gold standard to diagnose sleep apnea.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SleepImage account is for licenced medical providers only. Go to and scroll down and click the Sign Up button. After filling out the required fields, agreeing to terms and conditions, and submitting the form please for 1 to 2 business days for our representative to confirm your signup.

To remove a Patient, select the Patient’s name, then click the minus icon. Confirm by selecting “Yes”. Removing a Patient is a permanent action. All studies will be permanently removed.

One the user with the Admin Role can assign clinicians to patients. The patient profiles created by a Clinician are automatically assigned to that Clinician. To Assign a Clinician to a Patient, select a Patient from the Patient List and click the Link icon. Check the box next to the Clinician(s) Name(s) to assign the selected Clinician(s) to this Patient. Click the Link icon to Save.

Select the Patient in the Patient list and either double-click on the Name or click the bar graph icon to open the overview of that patient’s list of studies. To review a specific study, select it from the list of studies in the overview and click on Study Details button in the top right-hand corner

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