SleepImage has been driven from the start to develop technologies that analyze physiological signals to accurately assess the primary regulator of sleep, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Research has demonstrated that sleep plays an interconnected role for health maintenance which can be summarized as follows:
  • Sleep is Vital to Health
  • Sleep is Controlled in the Mid-Brain
  • Sleep / Wake is Regulated by the ANS
  • Sleep is Interconnected with the Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Endocrine Systems
  • Sleep can be Measured through the Cerebral Cortex and the ANS
SleepImage can be utilized for clinical research by extracting information from common physiological signals collected during sleep, whether for prospective or retrospective analysis to investigate health outcomes.
SleepImage can provide clinicians with a tool to analyze previously underutilized physiological signals that are commonly collected within and outside of healthcare environments.
SleepImage addresses the role of sleep in public health with with evidence-based methods that are rooted in over 10 years of research with more than 100 clinical publications and counting.
SleepImage has collaborated with researchers from around the world to make sleep research easier, more cost-effective and scalable than previously has been possible, given the ability to use the cloud-based Software as a Medical Device that can retrospectively analyze large datasets collected during sleep.
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SleepImage offers sleep researchers the ability to use a device with a single point of contact for:
  • Multi-night testing
  • Fully analyzed and auto-scored report
  • 6-channel output of raw data with ability for manual scoring
  • No consumables or wires

Winners of Call for Research Proposal

At the APSS conference SLEEP 2022, SleepImage in collaboration with the Sleep Research Society (SRS) announced a Call for Research Proposals. Submissions were open until January 2023 and the winners were announced at SLEEP 2023 in Indianapolis. A large number of high quality submissions were received, making it impossible to award all the submissions that would have been worthy of support in this round of grants. While SleepImage thanks all the researchers for their proposals, the following submissions were selected as winners for this round of research grants:
  • Dr. Anna Mullins, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
  • Dr. Diego R Mazzotti, University of Kansas & Dr. Jonna L Morris, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Dr. Harish Rao, Indiana School of Medicine, USA
  • Dr. Jacklyn Ewald, George Fox University, USA
  • Dr. Michael Irwig, Beth Israel Medical Center Boston, USA
  • Dr. Nadine Rampf, Stellenbosch University, S Africa
  • Dr. Nirvikalpa Natarajan, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
  • Dr. Stephanie Moriartey, Careica Health, Canada

SleepImage looks forward to further collaborations with these and other researchers as we intend to provide our ongoing commitment to sleep research, both for retrospective analysis of existing data and for prospective use of our personalized home sleep testing devices to record the data. All data is analyzed by the cloud-based SleepImage System Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) which is FDA-cleared for adults and children (from age 2+).

Contact us to Learn More

Contact us to Learn More