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We have been fortunate to have been tried and tested by some of the most renowned sleep medicine professionals in the industry. Have a look at what they have to say (edited)

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Here’s why sleep industry’s top-rated professionals love us!

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Dr. Hamarandeep Singh, MD, D.ABPN

President/CEO - Sleep Medicine Specialists of California

As a board certified sleep medicine physician, I cannot say enough about the SleepImage Home Sleep Testing System. Based on proven, scientific rigor, it is able to assess multiple parameters of sleep more than other devices on the market. Not only do we get accurate measures of sleep architecture and disordered breathing, but indexes of sleep quality, fragmentation, and efficiency are available to get a larger clinical depiction of the patient. This data is invaluable and the portal is easy to navigate. Coupled with its ease of use for patients, low cost, and capacity to test multiple nights, SleepImage is certainly a game changer in this industry and I highly recommend it!

SleepImage User

Dr. Ingo Mahn, DDS

Natural Dental Partners

The SleepImage System has been a game changer for our practice! There isn’t another device that even comes close to its simplicity of use and the amount of sleep data it provides. With the reasonable cost of each unit and minimal cost for each test, we never hesitate to recommend an HST


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