VivaLnk VV-330 ECG Recorder


The VivaLnk ECG recorder is a minimalist chest-worn device to produce a SleepImage Sleep Quality Report, that includes:

  • Sleep Quality Index
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Sleep Latency
  • Sleep Duration
  • Sleep Apnea Indicator
  • Fragmentation
  • Periodicity
  • Actigraphy
  • Body Position


To aid in the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, you need to buy a PPG recorder to get a report that includes the Apnea Hypopnea Index and SpO2 output. SleepImage offers two PPG recorders for sale.

The recorder requires the use of the SleepImage Mobile Application available for Android and iOS.

The VivaLnk ECG recorder is ideal for multi-night tracking as it is waterproof for showering and does not need to be removed between sleep periods, or get in the way during the daytime. To start and stop recordings, simply open the SleepImage App and start a recording when going to sleep and stop each recording at the end of the sleep period if doing multiple night studies. Each study is automatically uploaded to the SleepImage Cloud at the end of each recording, when the phone is connected to the Internet.

The recorder comes in a cradle for storage and recharging that comes with a USB charging cable.

Adhesives are sold separately in sets of 4 / package.

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