SleepImage Kids Ring


Please read the SleepImage Mobile App IFU

Instructions For Use can also be found for download in the Help Tab of your SleepImage Clinical account.

The SleepImage Kids Ring (SI PO4) can be used for multi-night tracking. Simply apply the recorder when going to sleep and start a recording in the SleepImage App, each recording can be stopped at the end of the sleep period if doing multiple night studies. There are no single-use consumables nor any other accessories required for this recorder. Each study is automatically uploaded to the SleepImage Cloud at the end of each recording, if the phone is connected to the Internet. SleepImage software is sold on a per-report basis. Reports from this Recorder cost 2 Report Credits ($30).

The recorder is a kids size ring type oximeter that fits comfortably around the finger. The recorder has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB charging cable.

Click here for a sample report from this Recorder.

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