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Making At Home Sleep Tests Easily Accessible

SleepImage wants to make sure its sleep technology is easily accessible throughout the market. If we can make sleep diagnosis easy through provision of accurate raw data, then we will definitely make the technology easy to acquire. Click on buy the SleepImage ring to purchase our technology.

Take a Sleep Apnea Test at Home with Utmost Comfort

SleepImage products are essential in recording, screening, diagnosing, and evaluating various sleep patterns and disorders. The motto of SleepImage is crystal clear: to deliver clinically accurate results to physicians while also ensuring patient comfort by conducting a comfortable sleep apnea test at home.

SleepImage Mobile Application

SleepImage’s sleep tracker ring is synchronized with a mobile app. The app allows data to be uploaded to the SleepImage cloud immediately after the patient wakes up, with results available in the clinicians portal within minutes.

Download the SleepImage App


The physician prescribes the ring to their patient

The patient performs the home sleep tests

The data is uploaded on the SleepImage cloud system (SleepImage Portal)

The physician is now able to access accurate patient sleep data for diagnosis.

An Array of Features in a Revolutionary Sleep Technology

SleepImage system has a simple yet data-rich clinical portal that is rather easy to use, permitting clinicians to diagnose and manage sleep apnea effortlessly.
  • Manage patient’s sleep apnea.
  • View sleep study data.
  • Assist the physician in curating the sleep diagnosis.
  • Store patient data for future use

Sleep Data

Data files are commonly used for sleep evaluation to aid the diagnosis or management of sleep apnea.

Clinician Notes

Clinician notes are an essential tool to document the decisions regarding patients’ sleep health.


Traces report is the visual representation of the raw data collected overnight during sleep on the cloud storage.

3D Spectrogram

The 3D Spectrogram is completely interactive and can be used to evaluate the patient’s sleep.

For Adults

The SleepImage system provide physician access to sleep study and relevant data. For accurate data about individual‘s sleep habits, the physician will prescribe a proper medical sleep study, which monitors brain waves to analyze the stages of sleep. The ring quickly gathers and transfers data about the individual’s sleep cycle into the mobile application which is then uploaded on SleepImage’s cloud storage system. SleepImage is remarkably helpful in providing accurate raw data for conditions like sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

If you want to encourage more patients to perform home sleep tests then partner with us by clicking on “buy sleep ring”. We have made the home sleep test system easily accessible to aide in our mission to eradicate sleep disorders.


For Children

SleepImage has introduced pediatric rings. The ring has the identical working sensors and functionality as the adult ring, which will record the patient’s sleep patterns and upload it to the SleepImage portal. The pediatric ring is just a little smaller to fit petite fingers which means apart from kids above two years, people with petite fingers can wear this ring as well. The measurement differences are as follows – the pediatric ring is for finger sizes 1.7” – 1.9” in circumference, while the adult ring is for 2.0” – 3.2” in circumference.

Technical Specifications




Battery life*

16 hours
16 hours

Charge time

3 hours
1.5 hours


15 grams
12 grams
However, there are no significant technical differences between the adult and pediatric rings, but some key differences are essential to know before buying either of the rings, mainly just for understanding. The battery life for both adult and pediatric rings is the same, which is 16 hours each. Furthermore, the charge time is three hours and one and a half hours for adult and pediatric rings, respectively. The weight of both rings also differs. The adult ring weighs 15 gms while the pediatric ring weighs 12 gms.

Six Different Monitoring Channels

SleepImage system operates on six different monitoring channels.
*A sleep test takes 7 to 10 hours on average. SleepImage rings are designed to endure any sleep cycle.

Heart rate

Heart rate is defined as the number of times the heart beats within a certain time period, usually a minute.


Actigraphy is efficiently used to help identify individual sleep and wake patterns. SleepImage system helps physicians determine the sleep cycle abnormalities via actigraphy.


Pleth measures the changes in volume within an organ or whole body resulting from blood or oxygen fluctuations.


The body needs specific oxygen levels in the blood or oxygen-carrying hemoglobin to work effectively - this is what SpO2 levels are, and the SleepImage system detects and stores them.


The respiration rate is the amount of breaths a person takes per minute. The rate is usually detected and stored by the SleepImage system. The sensors installed in the device recognize and store the respiratory trace.


In simpler terms, HRV measures the variation in time between each heartbeat. This variation is recorded by the SleepImage system.

SleepImage Operating System

SleepImage records all the sleep cycle data overnight and uploads it onto SleepImage cloud-storage system that is synchronized with the mobile application. The operating software of the system helps physicians access patient sleep data for accurate diagnosis and long-term solutions that yield results.

Get Started with The Mobile Application

  • Download the SleepImage App.
  • Sign-in With SleepImage Patient Id and Date of Birth.
  • Pair the Recorder with the ring
  • Start Recording.

Detect Sleep Apnea

We understand that sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that has a lot of layers to it. In fact, we are aware of the fact that the condition has a lot of nuances not yet explored and so we wanted to create a system that encapsulates as much sleep data for interpretation as possible. In fact, we are hoping that our product will help physicians discover and study aspects of the condition not yet assessed. We also wanted to make sure that all the sleep medicine related professionals (organizations and individuals) had easy access to our technology. Since our software enables PSG accuracy in storation and provision of data, the input the professionals are working with is bound to be accurate.

Our SleepImage ring enables patient comfort, which in turn means they will be much more likely to complete the sleep test. Not only that, since the product comes with convenience of a consumer wearable the patients will be able to conduct the test properly allowing the system to gather sleep data better for physician use. The ring helps conduct sleep apnea test at home and ensures delivery of clinically accurate results for sleep evaluation.

Let’s Bring Focus on Sleep Apnea

While sleep apnea is a known sleep disorder it is still not completely figured out yet. We, the sleep medicine industry, have the responsibility for recognizing, and discovering, the various known, and currently mysterious, details of the sleep disorder. To be able to find a probable and confirmed solution for sleep apnea it is incredibly important understand it – especially the intricate ups and downs in the symptoms and causes. For this you need raw sleep data to work off of. Hence, the SleepImage team has worked day and night bring forth a sleep test and data storage system that can absorb and relay data with clinical efficiency.

Let’s bring greater to sleep apnea and help the world sleep better, live better.

Screening of Sleep Health and Cycle

SleepImage ring and application trace sleep cycle overnight and updates the sleep data on the cloud storage system.

Diagnosis of Sleep Health and Cycle

SleepImage collected sleep data helps physicians diagnose sleep apnea with clinical accuracy.

Management of Sleep Health and Cycle

The physician will be able to access patient’s sleep health history through the SleepImage system in the future as treatment progresses

SleepImage's mantra is to push everyone to focus on their sleep health and enhance their daily lifestyle habits.

Say hello to a peaceful sleep; sign up today and connect with SleepImage.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The SleepImage system has been developed to provide physicians with sleep data compiled through a 6-channel multi-night testing process. The thorough data will then allow sleep medicine professionals to diagnose patients and formulate the right treatment.
The sleep ring, which the patient will be advised to wear, stores raw data related to the patient’s sleep the entire night. The data will then be uploaded to the cloud which will then be used by physicians to diagnose disordered sleep patterns and/or sleep apnea in their patients.
The SleepImage mobile application is linked to a cloud-based SleepImage portal that the physician can access anytime, anywhere. The mobile application will upload the data gathered by the sleep ring which will then remain available for the medical team to access the morning after.
While the SleepImage system does not diagnose any disorders it does collect sleep data for physicians to diagnose underlying sleep conditions in individuals.

Get Started with SleepImage

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SleepImage Ring and Application

The ring and the application are developed through a lot of research with the help of an advisory board that has spent decades in the field.

SleepImage Team

Whether it is the ideation or the production department – your sleep system has been developed by industry pros!