SleepImage System v2.11 - What's New

Software Release Date: 3/19/2021


We are proud to announce the latest release of SleepImage System v2.11.0 representing our ongoing efforts to develop the SleepImage System to improve customer experience and usability. The SleepImage development team would like to thank those who provided feedback, which was the catalyst for some of these new features.

Release Highlights

Patient Sharing

SleepImage 2.11.0 makes collaboration and inter-disciplinary care easier by allowing SleepImage users to share patients with other SleepImage users. This means that it is no longer necessary for sleep specialists working with multiple non-sleep specialized clinicians to have a multitude of credentials.  They can simply create their own free SleepImage account and provide those credentials (the account email address) with their collaborators.

For more information, see Page 15 in the SleepImage System Instructions For Use Version 2.11.

CSV Download

Users can now download a CSV file containing every report in their account. CSV files can still be exported for each report, individually, but this new tool expands functionality

For more information, see page 18 in the SleepImage System Instructions For Use Version 2.11.

The latest versions of our Documentation and Instructions for Use are in the Help Tab of your SleepImage account.

Please also see our infographic page for the SleepImage App.

We appreciate your partnership with SleepImage. We hope you will find this new functionality to be beneficial.

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