SleepImage is a cloud-based Sleep Evaluation, Diagnostic and Management System, using a single-sensor technology with Automated Output for Children and Adults that is FDA-cleared to be comparable to Polysomnography (PSG) to Aid Clinical Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Quality

Sleep Duration

Sleep Apnea

SleepImage has the only FDA-cleared measure of Sleep Quality.

The Sleep Quality Index (SQI)  has been associated with health outcomes, particularly cardiovascular and cardiometabolic health in both children and adults.

The SQI is not a marketing slogan, it is a clinical management tool, reflecting parasympathetic activation during sleep.

Measuring sleep quality is important for good patient care, and limiting a sleep test to respiration can lead to suboptimal or even incorrect clinical diagnosis and therapy.

SleepImage has an FDA-cleared measure of Sleep Duration that does not require actigraphy to estimate sleep.

Sleep Duration, and especially lack of Stable-NREM sleep has been associated with various adverse health outcomes.

Measuring sleep from the Autonomic Nervous System that controls wake/sleep regulation provides accurate information about all stages of sleep.

Measuring sleep duration is important for good patient care, as inaccurate measures of NREM and REM sleep can lead to suboptimal or even incorrect clinical diagnosis and therapy.

SleepImage automatically calculates an Apnea Hypopnea Index (sAHI) that is FDA-cleared as comparable to manually derived AHI from PSG studies.

SleepImage has automated biomarkers to aid in differential diagnosis of Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea can cause drops in blood oxygenation measured with the sAHI, cardiovascular stress measured with the SleepImage Apnea Indicator (SAI) and arousals measured with Fragmentation.

Only SleepImage provides this comprehensive method to evaluate sleep apnea with higher precision to improve clinical diagnosis.