Sleep is the Vital Sign of Good Health

Most sleep complaints are brought by patients to primary care, including insomnia diagnosis and treatment. SleepImage offers objective information about the most important hours of life for health management.

Most cardiovascular diseases are directly linked to short sleep, poor sleep quality and untreated sleep disorders. SleepImage offers information about cardiac stress from poor sleep and untreated sleep disorders.

Most children do not present symptoms like adults do from short sleep, poor sleep quality and untreated sleep apnea. SleepImage offers information to track sleep health to improve diagnosis and treatment. 

Objective evaluation of sleep quality improves diagnosis. SleepImage is an FDA-cleared single-sensor technology to measure Sleep Quality, Sleep Duration and Sleep Apnea for use in the home with an Automated AHI that is FDA-cleared to be comparable to an AHI from PSG in Children and Adults.

Short sleep and poor sleep quality negatively affect hormonal balance that is the underlying condition for many chronic medical conditions. SleepImage can aid disease management by tracking ANS balance during sleep from repeated testing over time.

Good sleep quality and duration is vital to maintain good mental health and to mitigate adverse consequences from stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD. SleepImage is FDA-cleared to evaluate sleep health and aid sleep apnea diagnosis, affecting up to 80% of these patients.

Poor sleep leads to poor health, making it imperative that preventative medicine includes regular sleep quality testing, starting in early childhood. Many diseases are directly linked to poor sleep quality and untreated sleep disorders, such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes and ADD/ADHD.

SleepImage is FDA-cleared for Children, Adolescents and Adults to: 

  1. Evaluate sleep disorders to drive clinical management.
  2. Aid diagnosis and management of sleep disordered breathing.
  3. Measure objective sleep duration.

Cardiovascular and Cardiometabolic diseases have a bi-directional relationship with short sleep, poor sleep quality and sleep disorders. Optimized chronic care management relies on good sleep quality. SleepImage offers objective information that can help improve care plans.

Good sleep health is fundamental for mitigating risk from fatigue in the workplace and to improve performance. SleepImage is a single-sensor technology to objectively assess fitness for duty based on sleep health and sleep disorder evalution that is FDA-cleared.

Managing sleep health and sleep disorders lends itself particularly well to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) as sleep health is strongly associated with cardiovascular & cardiometabolic diseases and mental health. SleepImage measures the Autonomic Nervous System during sleep.

Where every second counts and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tracking is widely used to gain advantage, there is no better way to optimize performance potential than measuring autonomic balance during sleep. SleepImage is based on HRV coupled with respiration, with information for hours, not minutes.